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hello all. tis jojo.
i realized for some strange reason i haven't posted/shared my dreadses since the day i got my digital camera and first posted here last april methinks. how very silly of me. i've had free form dreads from once very nappy curly jewess hair for around 4 years now. i'm only a first year at college, but i have the oldest/most hardc0re dreadies on campus here at brandeis. it's quite an honour. hehe.

aye avast. the dread(lock) & key wench/angsty pirate in the kitchen picature.

yes it's proved quite useful to have very jack sparrowlike dreads. makes all the other fans gape at renfaire...


yes. this is my "i swear i'm intimidating" face. *giggle*

roomie just took it for me to post :D in front of her less blinding half of the room (compared to mine) with her map of middle earth. yes. ok done with my digital megolomania! (edit in number 5bjillion) >> i also realize in my hatless pictures, my hair is/was dirty on both occasions, you can't even tell really, but there is usually -no- frizz. i lucked out big time. and my scalp portions dread straight into pre-existing locks very tightly on their own for the most part.

should you fancy more pictures of me/my dreads i had an excessive photo post in my personal journal yesterday, and there is a picture folder in my memories.</center>

much love and rainbows to the dreadheaded population.
oh and 'earthmama.net' is my new favourite site.
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