Drummerboy (liquordrums) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Halloween Post

I wasn't going to do anything for Halloween this year. Just wasn't feeling it for some reason. Then as I was walking to work, I got a couple of ideas for what would've been easy and/or nifty costumes... which put me in a "kick myself in the ass" type of funk for not have forced myself to get into the spirit earlier.

As it turns out, the higher ups were feeding the meatsheilds base level support floor reps a metric van load of pizza.

A costume was born...:

This was what I had been wearing to work, and I had the Sharpie on my desk...

It was labeled "Just Creepy" on the shared drive. Glad my co-workers feel safe around me. Heh.

Kept the sign and stopped at 7-11 for bad sunglasses on the way to a party later that night. I knew I had the right pair when I looked up and saw the clerk shudder.

Anyway, happy belated Halloween kids.
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