jana (blind_me1on) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

New Dreads :D

hi, this is my first post here under this name... i was mad1season a while agoo.. before i cut off my dreads. i planned to do them again in a couple of years (now!!) i made the mistake of using wax and was constantly at war with those dreads, so they had to go.

now i'm 6 days in and they are beginning to lock up rather well, i'm so happy with them!


process pics:








not the most flattering photos hehe..


and now all done



it's not so clear, but I'll post more photos of them once they are outta the lame boofy stage in a month or so!


Here's some older pics of my old dreadies.. Some of them I posted here a while ago!


these were my first set.. i was 13



they were cut off and then these were done  (more recent-ish.. about 1.5 - 2 years ago)


this was at the andy warhol museum


ive posted this before.. it's the last picture of this set of dreads.. hehe RIP. it jsut looked so gross to me, especially holding my best friend's baby. so they were cut off at the end of that day.



I'm looking forward to new dreadies!

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