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long long time no post.

So, i started my second set of dreads in april of last year, and had them for 14 months, til june of this year, til i got sick of them all being giant fatties, combed out all but 5, and redid the rest of them. started with 24, now i have 36 but the way they're acting they're gonna be just as fat as before. anyway this is set 2.5, sort of. adter i combed all the old ones out my hair seemed very fine, and although my hair was almost down to my ass, it combed up into little shorties. i don't mind though, they're cute. i posted a couple pictures when i first started but it's been nearly five months, so, i figured i'd catch up.

Half done:

Finished, madness:

calmed, a bit. about 1 week

About 1 month...



Halloween. My boyfriend and I were a '50s sitcom couple and I managed to do victory rolls.

4 and a half months. in the second pic you can see my mature dreads on the sides that i kept.

Before tidying up the tips

and after:

the end for now.
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