Heatherrrr. (foadskank) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Sixteen months!

Long time no post...

My dreads are already 16 months old and I love them more and more everyday. I actually almost combed them out a few times but realized that I would miss them way too much. I'm so glad I didn't.

I've been a busy girl. I graduated college. I turned 21. I went to Australia for a month to do conservation work and travel. I went to so many music events. I went to Arizona and San Francisco twice. I've just been having so much fun and loving life. And now I'm applying for Grad School and I just got a job working at a cute funky store in the mall. Things couldn't be better.

Pictures! Sorry if they are really big.


Darling Harbour, Australia:

Hanging with a kangaroo:

Partying with my new friends in Oz:

Spreading the dread love:


Hiding from the Arizona summer:

I got a tan, dyed a few dreads a dark burgundy color, and took a picture comparing 2006 with 2009:

Being a zombie:

Being a vampire:

Making a weird face and wearing awesome glasses:

Partying LovEvolution in San Francisco:

Dancing at Dance! in Hollywood:

Sitting on a huge pumpkin:

BEING a pumpkin for the first day of HARD Haunted Mansion (a rave) in LA:

I dyed the ugly purple dreads red!:

Being a RAINBOW! kitty cat for day two of HARD Haunted Mansion:

Dancing with a Deadmau5 cutting board:

Mostly... I've been smiling A LOT and I hope you have been to:

You guys are all so beautiful. I hope you enjoyed my picture journey through the last couple of months. <3
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