Xyzyx Lerpy (atomic_usagi) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Xyzyx Lerpy

4 years!

It just occurred to me that the 4 year mark of my current set was coming up soon and I looked it up and low and behold, it is today! I've never made a time line thingo. This should be fun. Warning: This post is super picture heavy.

The first set, for posterity ... I combed these out in 2003 when they were three years old. I immediately regretted it.

This is the last photo I could find of my hair pre-dreads for the second go around. It was about a week before, I think.

I wanted skinny dreads. We (chemicalpilate and I) made skinny dreads. We back combed and used wax and palm rolled. He did most of the work. Yes, I know, wax is bad.

I was so happy to have dreads again.

I immediately started putting things in them, somehow thinking that would tame my conservative boss. This is three days into it.

This is exactly one month later.

and a little more than a month...

two months...

four months...

this is also around 4 months. you can see that after the initial day of making the dreads I turned to the neglect method. In hindsight, I can't believe I didn't get fired. I did get some stern talkings to from the management though.

never the less, interesting things still happened on my head...

six months...

I guess pulling it back made me look marginally presentable.

10 months... I guess I stopped dying it? I have no memory of making that decision.

At some point I met soulhaus. She dreaded my friend's hair. This is my friend putting make up on soulhaus for a fancy party. She doesn't wear makeup. It was entertaining.

Then she worked magic on my hair... This is one year and 2 months.

1.5 years...

2 years (this is one of our wedding shots. we eloped on a mountain)

2.5 years... six months later we had an actual wedding where we, you know, invited people

Around 3 years...

3.5 years...

A couple months ago...

And finally, we come to the end of our journey... Taken last week... four years after we began.

and taken tonight, just before I hit send on this post. Pregnancy has made them grow so much. Yeah!

Looking back I feel like they had a pretty rough start. It took about two years for them to look decent with the mostly neglect method. I don't remember wanting to get rid of them at any point though. I'm happy with where they've ended up.
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