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Update- no pics, sadly

a lot of my dreads are getting pretty solid. I havent kept track of how old they are- that makes me feel all like iM a bad mother or something.
I tried wax, it was sticky and gross- so only three of my babies were subjected to that noise. I also realized that a lot of my dreads werent doing so well because they were tiny. so some of my dreads have gotten married and are doing much better.

I keep getting this impulse to shave my haed- I used to cut my hair compulsively.
instead I decided to trim my front part- it was more than chin length- decided I could use some baby bangs- they are way way short and make me feel a little bit Bettie... for some reason.i shave the very back bottom of my hair whenever I get these urges. Having that part of my head have really short hair makes me fell clean for some reason- And short fuzzy hair makes noise when you touch it- so thats fun- and it looks bad ass when i put my hair up in pigtails.

Speaking of Clean. Fructis. Did anybody else catch the guy with dreads in the new Fructis commercial? I am almost moved to buy it.
I though that " normal" shampoo was a no no.
The commercial says it strengthens and conditions hair...... i think i could use both.....but... conditions means not knotty.....and.... but the guy had dreads in the commercial... I'm so torn.
The stuff smells amazing. so what do you guys think?
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