minyathol (minyathol) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

I'm having a day full of good self-esteem so I figured I'd share it with you beautiful people. Don't you love days when you just feel pretty? Also, there's a god damn cute squirrel outside, it looks like a youngin and it's freaking adorable, sitting there outside my door, eating his acorns and stuff. AW!

In my never ending quest to look like a real ginger, I think I've finally discovered the PERFECT hair color. I am in love with it. ^_^
On days that I don't feel like having curly ends (my hair is so curly it's ridiculous) I use my flat iron to make them straight. The only reason I still have/use my flat iron is because of my bangs, which are the only high maintenance part of my hair.

This is where all the short fatties are. I'm probably going to have to resection these eventually. Also, ignore my dino tattoo, it's in desperate need of some tattooing love.

Left side:

Right Side:
November 2009

Well, that's all for me! I'm going to run errands and look cute doing it! Thank you all for being such an inspiration, without all of GUDU's knowledge and encouragement I doubt I would feel this good. Have a dread wonderful day!
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