Monna Sakura (monnasakura) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Monna Sakura

Sleeping Covered

Sooo, first post, hello folks!

For my intro, I'm just gonna post a link to my dread blog because I pretty much know JACK about LJ picture posting and whatnot. I swear it's just a dreadblog. Nothing creepy.

Other than that, my dreads are only three week old and after doing a little mem trolling here, I realized that (so far as I could see) no one had addressed this issue:

When you sleep with covered dreads, I noticed that hair retains more of the funky sleep-sweat and ends up smelling a little musty.

I know the usual reason cited for sleeping uncovered is that they knot better, but I can't really vouch for that one way or the other. So this is pretty much for the other peeps out there with fledgling dreads: even if you think sleeping uncovered doesn't help you knot any faster, do it anyway. Your nose and sensibilities will thank you.

That said, I just wanted to let you folks know that this comm has been extremely helpful to me after the fact. (Unfortunately, I didn't find it until after I dreaded up.)
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