LaЯa (mushroomattack) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


Hello hairy people :)

This morning i found this new bracelet in my shoe. This month (and especially the 5th of decembre) we celebrate Sinterklaas. He is like the brother of Santa Claus. He put presents in the shoes of sweet children.

One angry grrrl!

Here you can see my lovely plug.

Because it is a lazy sundayafternoon i decided to sew some of my old dreads on. I'm not sure if i like it. The colour isnt the same and i think it looks kinda goofy. Probably i'll get rid of them in a week, ha. But hey, it was fun to sew them together.

But i really like it that i can wear my dreads like this now! :D I just have to be patient.

See you guys next timeee

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