Charlie (gl1tt3r) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Need some love!

I adore seeing everyone's beautiful dreads on here... But I think neglect dreads need some lovin' too. Most pictures on here of neglect dreads are wayyy after they've started dreading. I know there are other folks on here using this method, and I'd like to see some pictures.

So I invite you to post, be they limp and not really goin anywhere yet, done and long and dreaded up, or anywhere in between.

That's taken today, about one month and two weeks after I stopped combing. And for comparison, I've got a shot at three weeks.

And one from when I first 'dreaded' my hair, soaking them in wax :( After I realized what I had done, I washed all the wax out a few times.

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