jenniferbean981 (jenniferbean981) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

washing and fringes

I washed my dreadies for the first time tonight, and I was a little bit nervous that I would mess them up somehow. So I got the boyfff to help me and we did it with a jug and some dreadheadhq soap in the bath.
I have a lot of normal hair at the ends of me dreads, which I wanted, but hair to dread ratio goes roughly 50:50, sometimes 60:40. And some of my twists are coming apart at the bottom so they are two strands and then the twist.
My friend, ex dread head, is going to back comb the ends and palm roll them with me on wednesday and crochet them and just have a good tidy and strength up orgy at hers.:)
I am in love with them now though. Now they are maturing - even after just 3 weeks - and they are just looking nice and feeling nice and I love shoving them (in the most gentle way) into a pony tail and I love the chunkyness of them. It's all good :)
I would welcome ideas on what to do with a can kinda see it in my picture. I was, originally, going to grow it out along with my shaved side of the head, but now pondering upon having my old fringe cut in, which starts short and swoops across, gradually getting longer.
I would like to see what you guys have done with your fringes/bangs

much love and care
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