The Queen of Spades (steppinrazor) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
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My arms are damn sore, but I am pretty damn happy.

I wanted to go au naturale, but my freakin hair won't mat. It just clumps greasily. So I thought I'd nudge it along with some backcombing. I possibly did not backcomb enough, but I'm gonna let it do what it do and hope for the best. I love how it looks right now, at any rate. I want to shove some autumn leaves in it. Mayhaps tomorrow I will.

Apologies for the photo quality. My camera is in the shop, and all I got is this crusty blackberreh.

I just hope they don't unravel in my sleep. I have quite a few loops. I hope that won't be problematical. I don't mind the loose hair at all, though.

This is who I was jammin to whilst combing my tender locks:

I love you guys <3 Never would have done this without you.
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