Monna Sakura (monnasakura) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Monna Sakura

Story and Picspam

I wanted to post some pics, but since just that felt too much like picspam, you get a little story, too.

I am currently an Au Pair in Switzerland and when I dreaded my hair 3 1/2 weeks ago, I was really nervous about what my employer would think about it because she had expressed that she does not personally care for what she calls 'rastalocks' and when I made them, she lamented the loss of my "schön Haar" (pretty hair). I angsted over this for a couple of weeks, worried about how I looked (because fledgling dreads are certainly not the most gorgeous things ever, I know) and whether my fluffy, ratty appearance was enough of a deal breaker to get shipped back stateside (paranoid, I know, but I'm really at her mercy here.)

Finally about a week ago, I got up balls to just ask outright if my hair was a problem and do you know what she said? (and I translate loosely) "No, it's not a problem, you're giving me good practice for when the girls are old enough to want to do weird things with their hair."

XD It was just awesomely hilarious to hear that. (BTW, the girls (2 & 5) love my dreadies. They palmroll them for me when they're close enough to my head for extended periods.)

Age, 1 1/2 weeks:

Age, aprox. 2 weeks; first time with a hat for any extended period:

Age, same as above; attempted close up on foredreads:

Age, 3 1/2 weeks; Kinky McKinkster strikes again. That wavy buddy on the side is the reason that when my hair is up like this, I actually forget I have dreads:

Close-up on McKinkster:

There's just no excuse not to get a little tongue in here:

Back shot. I just CANNOT get a good one of these:

Nasal shot. XD (every time I see my dreads like this, I imagine a little Tarzan swinging from them...):

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