Patricia (censorshipnow) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

i learned my lesson

if i ever have another set of dreadlocks (whenever i cut these off years down the road), i am not going to ever dye them.

dying dreads takes too much work (for me) and it's too prone to mistakes and you have to always buy two boxes or double of whatever it is you need to account for all this hair... and and and toner (!), if only i had known about good toners before, and good bleaches and developers that are way cheaper than those stupid sets they sell at hot topic, for example.

i updated not that long ago but i thought i'd give it another go. because,

i have a question this time:
out of the numbered photos below, which do you think looks better? in regards to the orientation of my fringe/bangs if it isn't obvious enough.

i decided to get bangs a couple of months ago, but since my whole life i never really had bangs, it felt really weird and i mostly ALWAYS wear them pinned. and i'm FINALLY getting used to having bangs, but i can't tell which way looks better on me. :/

(and if even like THREE people give me their opinion that might be enough to make me stop... fucking.... caring... about it.)

and i decided to make the before & after bleach/toner part just for reference because thanks to other people on the nets posting such things, i knew what would most likely work for me (and it did!). and for good measure, i included my old timeline. i am not bothering to update it until i hit two years..

(if its noticeable i do have a deviating eye [not quite the same as "lazy eyes" as it isn't always "lazy" it merely deviates sometimes..])

happy thanksgiving to everyone celebrating, i hope you have great times with your families! i know i can't wait for my Tofurky, I wish they sold those things all year, they're sososososo good.

really you should try it.

(sorry for the long post)

edit: wow, thanks for all the positive responses already, i love this community, you guys are rad. i like that there is no single # that anyone didn't pick, no clear-cut winners or losers. >:D

/me feels less weird

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