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dreads falling out, dandruff, etc.

eesh, I haven't posted anything since the end of August! shame on me. I've been really busy and doing freelance, so I've been lurking more than commenting/posting around here.

so here's some pics for you!

all of these pics were taken a week ago, at the 3 months 2 week mark.

close up of a dread. yessir, that's a silver hair snaking throughout... I have quite a few!

this past month has been rather frustrating. it all started with the dandruff. I've always have dandruff, but since I'd usually wash my hair every few days, it wasn't a noticeable problem. that is, until the dreadlocks came into the picture. at about two and a half months, the dandruff problem was getting pretty bad... you could see it hanging out in the base of my dreads, and where my hairline in the front started. I've often had a problem with picking at dandruff (pimples too), so I figured "okay, let's get some dandruff shampoo and fix this." I went to the store and picked up Head 'N Shoulders (folks in the memories recommended HnS and T-Gel, so I just bought what the store had).

fast-forward a month: the dandruff situation is much better... BUT! my dreads seem to be getting looser. some of them are even unraveling. example?

where my thumb is is where the knotting stops, the rest is all loose hair. feeling around my other dreads, even the strongest ones seem less tight than they used to. bugger all! maybe HnS has some sort of mild conditioning product in it? at first it didn't seem to do anything different than my usual shampoo, but over time it seems to be doing damage. meh?

I've ordered a new shampoo (CVS' version of T-Gel, which was recommended throughout the memories, more so than HnS), and will start using it as soon as it arrives. tonight, I took a bath and used Seventh Generation dish soap, which HOPEFULLY doesn't have any conditioner. we'll see how well the CVS T-Gel stuff does at fighting dandruff/not unraveling my dreads.

also, as I was down in Cali visiting my in-laws for Thanksgiving, I was experimenting with an up-doo for being around folks who may not necessarily look kindly on "alternative" hairstyles.

I was pleasantly surprised that they were all so receptive and liked my new hairstyle! one aunt told me that I should wear my hair down rather than up. "they suit your face so well!" she said. shocker!

when my hair is being particularly difficult, or I feel compelled to pick, I stuff the dreads under this hat I knitted a few weeks ago.

love my hat. it's nice and light, and doesn't press down on the dreads or push them against my head. it just sort of sweeps them out of the way! I made it by modifying this pattern I found on

sooo... yeah. I'm doing the typical n00b dreadhead thing, worrying about their development/loose hairs/etc. my husband has been wonderful throughout this process, helping me with weekly palm-rolling maintenance, being supportive, etc. I'm feeling a bit frustrated now, but I'm willing to wait them out. some days I love them, some days I think they look awful. hopefully, after I visit Lish to finish the set up I'll be feeling more positive (if not sooner).

thanks, everyone, for sharing your stories and pictures. it's so nice to know that there are folks out there going through the same thing I am, who have passed this point and moved happily beyond it. you lovelies are such an inspiration! <3

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