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more soap crap

so i've had some amount of soap (quite possibly dr bronners) stuck in my hair for months now. i think i've only gotten my hair wet about five times since the summer. it's fucking freezing out where i am, so i've been even more hesitant to get my hair wet because it took a day and a half to dry when it was this cold last winter. anyway, i wasn't planning on leaving the house today, so i decided to rinse my hair while i had the chance. the fatter locks all have a portion near the scalp where there's a lot of soap deeply embedded. to get it out, i have to squash a dreadlock almost flat and then scrub. i can't tell if i'm getting the soap out of just getting lather, and the scrubbing involved in getting anything out is making hairs come loose. am i better just leaving this alone? is there something i should clean the soap out with? i'm scrubbing until my hands hurt and i'm getting a lot of gunk out but there's definitely more. i also have a really hard time getting soap out because my dreads are for the most part rock-hard and incredibly dense.
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