____nichole (____nichole) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

2 months!

My Thanksgiving was fairly uneventful. I had an hour to eat dinner with my family before flying back to SF. My family's not totally down with the hair, but both my mom and my grandma bought me beads :D I thought it was cool they did that even though I know they don't like them. As expected I got made fun of by my uncle a lot but at the end he told me "Well, I'd rather have dreadlocks than my hair at least"...He's an early balder ;)

My Grandma also got me this head scarf


The bigger dread in the center is about a month older than the rest

didn't have the beads in long, just for picture's sake and to show off a bit :P

Is that loose strand bad news? I'd hope for a forked dread, but I think those come more from dreads combining, right?

some of them are starting baby loops

Also, completely random, but does anyone know anywhere else to look for jobs that isn't craigslist? Bonus if anything specific to horticulture, greenhouse, or nursery work.
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