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has anyone tried the knotty boy peppermint spray or aloe vera lime gel? i was curious so i ordered them. they came today and i tried them out. rather than moisturizing, my dreads feel really dry.. in the summer i sprayed with lemon juice, and when i used too much they would get this weird rough, sticky texture. right now my dreads feel like that, only much more. when the gel was drying i got a little worried because it felt sticky. i'm thinking i should rinse it out, because it doesn't feel good at all. my dreads are almost a year old, and i don't have any wax in them.
i play with the loose hair on my tips absent mindedly, and a bunch of hair just ripped off. ummm.. yeah. the stuff has overdried my dreads, which doesn't make sense because that's not the purpose of the gel or the spray. bizarre.

does anyone else have any similar experiences? or.. positive experiences, perhaps?
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