Drummerboy (liquordrums) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Dreads, yearish...

So, the photos from the text only post from last month... Thanksgiving weekend, if I recall correctly. They should also all be viewable now. If not, please let me know and I'll kick my settings more, but they should all be public now.

Anyway, on to the

Dreads, behaving for a "nice" picture. The little woman is my daughter:

Dreads, in their more common state:

And, final tourist shot with my little sister who was in for the holiday from Kentucky with her husband:

From the night before Thanksgiving. Yeah, that's my wedding ring around my top dreads. Fuck the pineapple, and I'm no jellyfish, but beware the DREAD BUNNY:

(I <3 the lock ring)
Also, to be noted, my wife to the left in that picture. She almost never allows pictures to be taken.

Side shot, Buddha in full effect:

Mugging for the camera after a bit of whiskey:

And, for them's that like them, the curlies:

As always, click for larger...

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