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Initial dreading was a month ago. I've gotten them wet a few times before palm rolling them.
I've only washed them twice. Mostly only at the roots. I've been using head & shoulders, which hasnt been too bad.
I just recently backcombed them maybe 4 days ago, for the first time.
I backcombed again yesterday as well.
And I put wax in for the first time yesterday.
(Wax = Fantastix Organic Bees Wax. It has petroleum, but it still has done wonders on my dreads in the last 24 hours.)
Waxing, I spread a very fine layer of wax along the length of the dread, and then backcombed, followed by palmrolling.
I havent done anything else to them.
I had rubber bands on all of them, near the base, and in the middle of some, and at the ends of others. I took all of the bands out except the ones near the roots when I waxed and backcombed.
And I must say, they look fanfuckintastic.
Very small, very defined, well formed thus far. Some of the ends are already starting to round out.

I'll get pictures up as soon as I can.
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