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Goa Dreads part 1!

Well I had an amazing time in Goa in November, it was a real adventure, and an eye opener for me. My first big trip abroad on my own (well, the curly haired man came too...) I'm doing some epic posting in my own jornal about what we did and what went on over there, so this is just "OMG how awesome were my dreads after swimming for a week!"

So heres the first batch of dreads spammage from 24 days in India!

In no particular order days 1 - 10


Me aclimatising

Still white and pasty...

Me looking pasty

Me and Bob

Post swimming dreads

Fresh out of the arabian sea...mmm...clean...

Elephant baloons

On my 25th birthday after a vodka watermelon...yep...

I look zoned out....

zoned out in the rain....

Me where I belong - the SEA!

Swimming with glassed and earrings. Classy.

Swimming out to boats, in my glasses!

Me just mauling some poor indian guys boat.

Face of Shiva - Vagator

at the face of Shive - Vagator

Post cyclone sunset - anjuna


Clambering about at Dudsaghar falls

Golden Orb Weaver

Boo! How lovely is this spider :)

Reading about Lemongrass tea

I love how my dreads look here :)


The...erm...biggest ride of my life?! (Sorry I couldn't resist it!)

♥ Happy ♥

I love this photo SO much. I look, and was, so happy here.

If you want more of the adventure, wildlife, activites and so on, check out my flickr albums, or my journal! Always willing to add new firneds who like dreads and palm trees ;) - Day out - Anjuna
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