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It's been a long, long time.


Hi, I used to be a current poster (?) in this community but due to a recent moving and incident I wasn't able to upload here. I had to cut my dreads off a couple of months ago because of a severe dandruff problem, well, I don't know if it was severe or not but actually it was a big pain in the ass to me because my head was itchy, but not the normal itchyness most dreadheads experience, my scalp was a complete hell and it was scattering flakes all over my head. Sadly, I had to do the mentioned above and it was easy at first but after a few days without my dreads I started to feel weird... I only had them for about 8 months but they were very special to me (I still keep them in a bowl at my apartment), still I had my undreaded hair until today. My scalp is much better now, yes, it's still a little bit annoying but I can control it so, I hope things to turn out.

I was very doubtful about this new set because my hair is considerably short compared to the lenght I used to have when I started my first set and I didn't want super short dreads because I didn't want my face to look even fatter than it is... haha, I'm full of complexes but oh well, hair grows and if I'm lucky it'll grow faster like it happened with my last set.

So this is the lenght of my hair, it looks so short because it's very curly, I have lots of curls but when I brush them out it's shoulder lenght aprox.

This is how they started to look. They're not the best set ever but they're mine and I love them and I think they look much better than the first set at the begining.

I think they'll be kind of fat hehe, it's interesting I can't wait to see them mature and grow.

A few babies.
Haven't finished yet.

I think they will be a little weak at the begining but I'll take care of them. 
I missed them so much and this may sound vain but I don't feel comfortable if I don't have dreads. I feel very confident with them, I don't know, they make me feel great! It's like wearing your favorite outfit but everyday and the best part is your dreads change with you... 


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