9th Life (monstermommie) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
9th Life

Bleach is like Bacon, so bad yet so good...

I posted for my two monthes, now I'm at 2 and a half. I just wanted to show off my freshly bleached locks... It's rare I feel outgoing about my looks, so I'm going with it! I had some serious roots growing in, so I needed them done. It just seems to take me forever to have time, even with being snowed in the house for two days. 
That last lil guy had to be combed out and re-backcombed in.   After bleaching I noticed a ever so yucky buildup in one spot.  It was like gum.  No clue what it was, but it was green.  Ew.  Its gone now.  And for you all without snow, here is my 2 year old son (he is 3 ft tall) in almost 2 ft of snow. Well it was sorta packed down from everyone playing in it. 

Happy Holidays everyone!
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