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Mature Dreads, Thin Roots (can't find answer in memories)

Hi all~

Long time member/lurker, haven't posted in a whiiiiiilee.. Anyways, next month my dreadies will be 7 years old.....say what? yah, 7 years old. I love them dearly, but I am feeling as though the hair at my roots/scalp could be a little thicker to hold the weight of my babies. My friend at the beauty shop next to my work suggested this product called Nioxin, and I am on Treatment 2 for thinning hair. I used it(once) so far. Has anyone heard of or used Nioxin? Any experiences with shampoos designed to make hair thicker or fuller? I have been wanting to thicken my hair for a couple years now as that was when I started noticing the thinning. I have tried different shampoos with no real results, the latest was Jon Frieda's "Root Awakening" and didn't see any results at all. I use rosemary oil and that does help and I loooooooove the intense tingle.

So, I know that there have been discussions in the memories on thinning hair but I dunno, I just haven't seen the answers that I need. I know that some of my perceived thinness is due to the fact that I have wide sections but I still want thicker, fuller roots.

And how many of you use conditioner on a regular basis? In the past 7 years I have maybe used conditioner 3 times?? Perhaps using conditioner might strengthen my hair? I have just been doing the basic old wash and simple maintenance over the years but now it's time to get serious and make sure my hair is thick and healthy! Any info, advice, suggestions?

much love and blessings
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