Susan (ccharliee) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

new year of dreads

my bffl and I partied our butts off last night. her dreads are three and a half years old, mine are two and a half years old, and we always talk about putting pictures of us together up here on gudu, so last night we had a ridiculous drunk photo shoot after everyone else had left the party...

this is kailee!

this is me!

this is our hair! :P

we were laughing so hard during this... i recently cut a dread in the front, then brushed out the rest to make bangs, and it was such a good decision, just the change i was looking for. (then i sewed the dread back onto another dread so i could keep it on my head! :D)

some flippy pics!

looking up...i love her giant purple bead so much!

a few of our guy friends were there, and we put our hair on their heads...

finally time for bed...

sorry for the bad quality, i have a really old digital camera and it sucks :P
having a best friend with dreads rocks...we are the dynamic dreaded duo. happy new year everyone!!
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