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15 months

it's been a while. i couldn't be happier that last year is over. but this year is a new beginning. a fresh start.

i found out this morning that we lost two of our accounts. i work for a cleaning company, and we clean office buildings. so now we'll only have one. and my boss is firing a few people. luckily, i've been there long enough that i'm keeping my job. but it still sucks.

and i was working at the Christmas Tree Shops, but unfortunately i was only hired as seasonal help. Saturday was my last day. so i'm on the job search once again. but i'm staying positive, and taking life as it comes at me. i have very good feelings about this year! :]

about a month ago, i decided i needed a haircut.
my bangs were getting a little long

so when my sister came home for Christmas, i had her cut them

family picture

her dog, Bailey, got a sweatshirt. now, i'm not usually one for animals wearing clothes, but she just looks so cute!

then it was New Year's, the other day

and some from today
i palm rolled for the first time in a few months

the back



and i noticed that i have 2 or 3 small dreads that have formed naturally from the loose hair between dreads. i absolutely love them! they're so cute! i'm also thinking about splitting a couple of fatter ones i have in the back. but i'm totally unsure at this point. just a thought.

happy new year to all! :]
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