Caitie Marie (theironuterus) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Caitie Marie

So I perused the memories before posting (disclaimer :) )
Have any of you had an issue with the sheer weight of your hair? My mom says I can do whatever I want but usually does this guilting process when she doesnt like things. I have a very sensitive head and due to hormone treatments my hair is fine (not thin, but fine) and she said the weight of the dreads themselves would aid to my heads sensitivity and hurt all the time. I said that this can't be so because thick long hair has to be pretty heavy too, but it got me thinking:

Have any of you experienced extreme discomfort with your dread's weight and has it changed any sensitivity issues with your scalps?

If its a weird question or doesn't make sense, I can reiterate and answer any confusions at my wording.
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