bree_zy (bree_zy) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

one month and a question

Hello GUDU! I've been a longtime lurker and finally started my dreads a month ago. Unfortunately, I'm having some issues with them already and I was hoping I could get some advice.

They started off very nicely:

And now a month later they look like this:

as you can see, my ends have become completely loose and brushable. my hair is pretty much dreaded halfway (sometimes only a quarter of the way) down and then it becomes smooth and flowy.

I have already read the memories about loose ends and loose hairs etc and I've tried re-backcombing the ends but they simply will not hold. I also saw that a lot of people suggested pulling loose ends in with a needle and thread or a flossing tool but I am worried they are too young for that and would just fall apart. I do not do any maintenence besides palmrolling and root ripping (usually once a week when I wash them). The long loose hairs were noticable after my first wash.

Everyday friends and family say things like "aw, why did you brush out your dreads?" and "wow, they don't look right" and crap like that. It is super frustrating to say the least. Did anyone else have this problem, and what did you do?

Anyways, I love this community and I love seeing all of your beautiful heads!! Hopefully I can get mine sorted out soon and start posting more. By the way, anyone from NC in here? I don't see many dreadheads around my area and the ones I do know use wax and root flip and all kinds of horrid-ness.
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