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boyfriends one month time line

i gave my bf dreads about a month ago. there is a picture of him in the bathtub. but you cant see any nipple or ass or anything.
we are interested in naughty knotty... he is working on my dreads. i only have about 6. so
this is pre-dread, taken over the summer.

it actually took me about one month to make these. the finished product

during the first wash

not-a-wash about a week ago


my hair felted in his hair. ill make so designs out of it at a later time.

is the lil' timeline.
he has about 108 dreads. some are very tight. some are not so tight...but they are tighter than they look in the last pictures (the ends are tighter than loose hair) and they are all very beautiful and loved very much!
he is pretty good with a crochet hook. he did 2 in the front. enjoy for now. more will come later.
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