creativexangst (creativexangst) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Educating the Unwilling

On of my friends were admiring the latest pictures of my dreads, and told me they always wanted them, and actually started a set a while back but had to cut it all off because of his family. I told him about how much my mom loves to play with them and such, and asked why he had to cut them. This was his response: " Wow...I wish I had the support you got! At the beggining my mom didnt have a problem, but my siblings colluded with her, and then she turned against my idea. and their reasons were that I look shabby, and I wont be able to get a descent job and I was spoiling the family image! Then, I had to surrender!"

All I can say is ::rage::. I mean, I have no problem with someone having their own views, but it bothers me that they have these views so ingrained that they wont even educate themselves-I did actually try, tell them about how my doctor has dreads, some of my friends that are teachers have them, and that I havnt struggled to find a job because of my hair, but they wouldn't listen to anything I had to say. Very frustrating. Although, they did admit that they "looked clean" and "didnt smell bad".

The part that amuses me about this? His family is from Jamaica. Sure, I know thats just a sterotype, but still, I would think his mom would've seen countless sets growing up.
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