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hey hey sugarlips

hey party people!

the last time i posted was in a comment in lishd's BIG and small dreadie post. she insisted i post more, so here i am! i've been a member for ~5 years and have barely made a handful of posts.

checking back on LJ memories, i apparently had my ex-bf made 5 dreads on 07/10/2005. i think he put in some more, but i did the rest on my own.

anywho, other day (or 2?) i was up for ~30 hours. so, at 7am, in a semi-manic state, i colored my hair. last time i did this was maybe 2 1/2 years ago. i only needed two boxes of dye then, so that is what i bought (and i bought this dye like a year ago??). apparently 2 is not enough anymore! omg D; three would probably be good, but from now on i should probably buy 4 boxes.... insane. i did my best with 2, though, since i have zero monies to my name.

excuse the mirror... my bf brushes his teeth with vigor and doesn't clean up after himself.
&i hate smiling with my teeth. i'm not sure why since i kinda dig my lil gap.

you can see how much more dye i need!

lil messy! hehe nostrils.

after a looong rinse. this is how i felt about the color.

BUT i warmed up to it! i used to color my hair burgundy... this was "sweet pepper." def more red in it... i'm still not sure if i want to keep this and try more dye of the same color or go back to burgundy.

top of my head... lol the color. and those "bald spots" aren't bald spots! i was going to say, "wow i'm glad nobody really looks at the top of my head," but then i remembered i'm 4'11".

the varying colors... doesn't look so bad, yeah?

homer freaked out a little bit... he's not sure about the color either.

look at the crappy job, rofl. it's kind of hard to "stretch" hair dye.

but whateva! i'm still happy... i used to color my hair this super cute magenta kind of color... this was about 10 years ago. i think it's just been sooo long that i actually had left my hair its natural color!

aaand a few shots from before i became a sweet pepper head.


howngry dinosaur tryin' to eat me! i look kinda happy about it!

aerosmith roller coaster @ disneyworld! LOL \m/

apparently this is from 08-20-08... look at the length! and my qt bf ;o) he took me to six flags as a part of our one year anniversary (which was actually 7/13)

i'm not sure why i saved this photo so small, but it's the best photo i've ever taken. lol, i love it. might have the original on my old desktop... if it still turns on. hope you like!

thanks for looking. <3
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