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Nifty Things That Help With Deep Cleaning

I was having some major soap buildup at the ends of my dreadies and many of them were starting to thin and break off at the point where I started them and was using wax (about an inch from the end of my dreadie- so sad I ever used wax), so I decided to cut off the tip of one to see what was going on in there, and I was not happy with the result. There wasn't any mold or anything, but tons of dirt and even more soap (I could tell it was soap because it would just kind of fluff off as I tried to cut into it).

I try to do deep cleaning with the baking soda solution found in the memories at least once a month, and I'm always happy with the results, and I occasionally do an ACV rinse to reset things, but I guess I was never really getting my dreadies cleaned deep enough. I looked through the memories like crazy for more information on deep cleaning and found a comment on an entry on wax about a regiment of all three cleaning processes, first using dish washing liquid to loosen up the grease, then using an ACV solution, then wash using a baking soda solution( here is a link to that comment thread).

Most deep cleaning entries tell you to "scrub" your dreadies really good, but I have apparently found that simply palm rolling my dreadies while washing them was not getting the job done and my hands would tire about half way through. I really wanted to scrub my dreadies and get them really cleaned since I was going through all these processes, so I went to Target and picked up a pair of shower/exfoliation/bath gloves:

(this picture is actually from the WalMart website)

I figured with these gloves I could actually scrub my dreadies while still having full mobility of my hands. I was able to get through all three washings with these gloves without my hands hurting nearly as much as they would have. Unfortunately, I don't have before and after pictures, but I can tell you that it really made a difference. I kind of puttered out towards the end with the baking soda solution soak (the whole process took me about 3 hours and it was getting late) so there is still some more to get out, but I plan on doing another regiment in about 5 days, and finishing off with a protein deep conditioning. I'm hoping to really get them super clean and then start fresh with a cleaning process.

I do have to admit that the gloves are super abrasive, so you might only want to try them if you have mature dreadies, and gage the pressure you apply while cleaning. I used a palm rolling motion with the gloves on to scrub my dreadies, but it didn't seem like I had to apply that much pressure and I could tell I was scrubbing them really well. Each solution was made with really hot water (1st one was done in the sink and the other two was done in my inflatable bed shampooer, picture bellow), I scrubbed my dreadies really good in each, then I let my dreadies soak in each solution for at least 30 minutes, scrubbed one last time, and then rinsed for what seemed like hours and put my hair up in a towel to prep the next step. After all that, I sat under my drying bonnet for at least 30-45 minutes before I went to bed. :0)

Here is the drying bonnet attachment:

This thing can be found at probably any beauty supply shop. I found mine at Sally's for about $10.00, it saves time, and works magic. :0)

And here is the inflatable bed shampooer:

I think they call it a bed shampooer because it's typically used to wash the hair of elderly people who can't leave their beds, but it works wonders for lying on your floor and soaking the dreadies, and it's super cozy.

I hope someone found this information useful. If anyone else tries the gloves or the shampooer, let me know!!

Wishing you all a peaceful day!!

PS: Has anyone followed a baking soda solution soak with ACV? Does that work better? Suggestions??? Thanks all of you for your help!
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