What goes up, must come down (sl1ngsh0t) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
What goes up, must come down

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deep cleansing

I now understand completely why you want to minimize as much product in your dreads as possible.



The day after. I'm currently at my kick ass job with dreads that feel so much LIGHTER and are definately cleaner.


Long story short-I didn't like what I saw in the centers of my dreads when I cut my fringe, and shortly thereafter I noticed some weird funk when I took my hair down.

Anyway, I followed the recipe exactly as the memories had it, and managed to last out the half hour. During that time I massaged my roots and dreads whilst submerged; this helped free a lot of trapped dirt/crud/buildup. I spent almost an entire hour in the shower rinsing the mixture out, paying close attention to the roots and first few inches. Despite that it all rinsed out, I'm wondering if I should cleanse again next week as it felt like more gunk wanted to come out but I'm not sure since they literally *squeaked* clean. Everything now feels right and the smell is g-o-n-e.
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