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1.5 years!!

once upon a time...

1.5 years....what a journey so far=). I'm new to this awesome and friendly community! Just stopping by to say hi...these are my dreads! they look short but they're a little longer then my back shoulder blades. I can't wait to see them grow long. There were times where dread maintenance was tough by myself and I thought it might be easier to have short hair again but I love them too much to cut them. They've come such a long way. I'll post better pictures soon.I have a crappy camera and i've been finding it hard to hold it steady...I just wanted to break the ice and post a few for now...Ive had them for 18 months and never took shots of the back of it! Soon...not really to photographically savvy haha. I was vegetarian for almost 3 years but this past summer a struggle with poverty left me to take any food that came my way including meat products...i'm sad about it but i'm also glad i didn't starve!

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