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Oh me oh my!

I can NOT believe that it's already been over 8 months since I started this dreaded funtasticness! I thought I'd update with some pics, since I haven't in a while.

Along with the dreads maturing, I've lost a little bit of weight too. In fact, I've lost a total of 22lbs since whenever it was I started actually working out and such last year!! I am THRILLED! I'll be joining up with a boot camp next week that's run by a coworker, so I'm looking forward to a bunch of weight falling off faster in the next few weeks. Go team me! *highfive*

On to the pictures!!

Err...sorry about the blurriness. It's time for a new camera, methinks.

Ffffffffff!! I LOVE how fat they're getting! I have the hardest time keeping my hands out of the top of my head. The texture feels glorious!! It's like...velvet!

I actually wasn't in that good of a mood when I took these pictures, hence the "I'm kinda not really smiling" smile.

They take such an incredibly long time to dry now. Oh! I had my first stranger-in-my-bubble experience regarding my hair. This woman PET MY HAIR in a (get this) costume shop in early December. Literally reached up, pet my hair, and in broken english told me that "eet sooo pret-ty and so soff."


So!! I was thinking about eventually joining up with knotty_naughty. I've been meaning to work on self esteem issues and such, and I couldn't think of a better place to break that ice. Of course, it won't be for a while, since I have some more el bee's to loose. :D

Thanks for reading and looking!!

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