Patricia (censorshipnow) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

another update :P

Hi my favorite community with whom I like to share my photos.

I got bored and wanted some color. so I put some "rock n roll red manic panic" on my bangs, and used some turquoise on top of that red near the tips of my hair, which made an awesome royal purple color that unfortunately you can't really see in the photos. i figure i have about a month or maybe two until i have to look for a new job so that gives me time to let my hair be however before i try to make it look "tidy". and lighten my roots, and try to get my bangs back to blond. i'm also trying to grow them back out but they look horrible right now so i'm always pinning them back. :/

after all my dying fiascoes i heavily considered starting a new set of dreads but they've come so far so i am glad i didn't.

went to the beautiful Sandy River here in Oregon and took some pics. it was an especially dreary day and the river was very murky. its always fun to hunt for weird fungus in oregon though!

but i learned about the 'sports' setting on my camera while i was there and below you'll see some ridiculous animated gifs i made (my first attempt). theyre blurry as hell because it was so dark/cloudy out. enjoy :)

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