charlie (freakykins) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Dreadlocksss and mighty swell payphones

Howdy beautiful dreadlie peeps! :B <3

My dreadli-os just turned one about month or two ago, so I thought that they would enjoy being viewed by fabulous humans such as yourselves as a gift. =]

My dreads and I haven’t really been getting along very well lately. I dunno. I really wish they were thicker. I really don’t like how they’re so skinny. I like ‘em big and chunky. But oh well, I still love them. I don’t plan on parting with them for quite a while even though somedays I’m just like HFKJHGKJGHJKGHFGHASA&UWJK GARRR!! I’LL CUT YOU, BITCHES! I know that I’d be very sad without them. I’ll just have to learn to accept them the way they are.

I’ve been thinking of dying a few of them green, like limeish green. What do you guys think of that? (What a sexaaay pose, eh? I like how my hand is just randomly sitting there. It really adds a hauntingly beautiful dramatic tone.)

Oh and randomly here’s a photo of me in New York Citaaaayyy. I’m talking on a yellow payphone. I loved it there, it’s oh so very marvellous, like dang!! Garg!! I wish I lived there!!! I’ll most definitely be visiting again! <3 Any of you guys live there? Your city rules, man!!!

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