Gabi the Otter Pop (gabizoidal) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Gabi the Otter Pop

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ack! don't take pictures of me when i've just woken up!

you can see em poking up in the back. this is what i get for falling asleep in my clothes (and shoes, jesus) with my boyfriend over. silly pictures of me.

so, my whole head isn't dont and i'm really just letting it tangle itself and then pulling them apart and rolling them into smaller dreads when the massive knot in the back gets too big, thats how i got those ones. the front doesn't seem to knot at all, which is ok because i like how they're coming so far. i think this is going to take forever for me to get dreads, but i'm patient.

i don't mean to horrify any of you with me first thing in the morning. i look better than i did last night, tho, after 12 hours of classes and my hands stained black from sculpting class oy oy oy ;)

hope everyone is having a WARM day! off to list more creations on ebay and.. ...dig my car out!
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