vida_colorida (vida_colorida) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

For a few years now, it's been a goal of my head to have at least part of my head shaved. A friend of mine was cutting the boy's hair tonight, and I convinced him to shave a small section behind my ear. Kyle came back into the room before we could finish. He said he would walk home and not talk to me for 3 weeks if I shaved my hair :( I'm still so tempted to cut my bangs short and straight across, and shave off my long burns on the side behind my ears. It would barely be noticeable and my school/work cap would likely fit better.

The braidy sections are actually massive loops that formed symmetrical bumps. It happened to a lesser extent in june and july.

This is the best angle I could catch the shaved part. It's smaller than I thought.

Things are out of control.

Pictures from a buffet I catered last week.

Melon carving, fruit and cheese tray.

Whole poached salmon, gravlax, compound cream cheeses.

Enjoy your monday! :)
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