Girlfriend in a sugar coma. (rice_dream_girl) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Girlfriend in a sugar coma.

I had to brush out my first set of dreads because I thought I was going to be taking a nannying job in Paris, where I'd need to dress "conservatively". I've since decided against this, and am staying in America. The visa process is under way! This is excellent news for many reasons, not least because it means that I get to stay with my wonderful boyfriend and awesome friends, but I will also have time to let a new set of dreads settle in before I'm allowed to job hunt again. Hurrah!

So, before I brush a new, tighter set in, I have one thing that's confusing me. Having read over the memories:

"Clean hair knots better" ("clean" meaning shampoo only, no conditioner)


Washing too frequently is bad for new dreads, because it'll 'disturb' them, and overwashing leads to an overproduction of oils, which will make it harder for the dreads to stay put.

I have very oily, fine, straight-ish hair that refuses to tangle up on its own. I've been trying to detox for the past 3 months or so in preparation for getting dreads; with the exception of my fringe/bangs, I now don't brush it, I only wash it every 4 days with Dr Bronner's, but on the second day I rinse my whole head with water, massage my scalp, and shampoo only my fringe/bangs. By the fourth day, my hair is very oily, so I wash it. I've read that most people don't like using Dr Bronner's because of the build up it leaves, so I'm going to try the same routine, but using baking soda instead. Does this sound sensible? The reason I like using Dr Bronner's is because it doesn't strip my hair completely, but a I understand it, this is bad news for dreads, so I want to wean myself off it. I'm worried that baking soda will leave my hair too clean, and my scalp will respond by going into overdrive with oil production, which will undo my work and again prevent it from locking up. So, is the "happy medium" going to be the same washing routine as I'm using, but with baking soda in place of Bronner's?

And so it's not text only, here's a picture of what happened when I stopped brushing completely for 2 weeks:

One tiny, tiny tangle.

Is it better to wash more often to have "cleaner" hair (but risk the scalp overproducing oils), or to wash less often and leave it greasier for longer (so that it readjusts to not being washed as much)? I want my new set to stay better, as the last set fell out really easily. I know that I'll need to backcomb it way tighter, but I also want to make sure I'm caring for them properly, and the memories confused me. Sorry if I've missed something obvious :S
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