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Its that Time.

This is my 3rd set of dreads. I admittedly used wax the first time. BAD IDEA!!! I combed them out after only a few weeks. they felt so gross as well as looked terrible.
I did the second set shortly after that, WAX FREE. They felt WAYYY nicer and dreaded up pretty nice, but I was desperate for a job in a city with No jobs, so in my desperation I chopped them off. Soon after that, I got a job where it didn't matter what my hair was like, so the second my hair grew enough, I knotted it back up.
They are about 4.5 months old and I figure its time to make a  post, and add some sort of time line.

Ill start of with the second set. This was just before I chopped them off.

And now for my current set of dreads.
My Friend Emily came over and helped me dread the back.
I looked like sideshow bob for a few days.

I was worried I didnt dread it well enough, but my hair was short to begin with so it was inevitable. But I figured I would jsut let it be and let my hair do its thing on its own.

After about a month and a half. After shower. Still a bit wet.

Close up.

These are about a month ago. 

And just for the hell of it, my male Crested Gecko. One of my many animals :)

I hope you enjoyed. =D
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