waternymphkmw (waternymphkmw) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


After 7-8 years of growing dreads...

I decided it was time for a trim!

Originally I kept one longer, just for its sentimental value. But even that eventually got chopped.

I cut a bunch of them when my mom-in-law got really sick with cancer last year. I spent a great deal of time debating whether or not to cut the rest, and this weekend I finally decided the time was right.

I was afraid I was going to regret it, but I don't at all.

Even my soul feels lighter! :D

Here's one that shows the length (or lack thereof!) in the back:

My husband is upset. He says he doesn't understand why I would bother growing them for so long just to cut them. (I'm not sure if this is more because he himself has dreads or because I've had my dreads longer than I've been with him.)

I say, they'll grow again. And I'm excited to be part of the process once more. This time, I understand so much better what it takes to make beautiful dreads -- time and love alone! No products, no over-maintaining... Just patience. And I'm ready. :D
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