vida_colorida (vida_colorida) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Hello everyone :)

I took a much, much needed mental health day this morning. I deep-cleaned my hair for the first time, crocheted in a few big chunks of hair, unpicked some stumpy ends, and trimmed my bangs. All that sounds conceited but I believe self esteem has a powerful effect on well-being.

shaved the side for real this time :)

hay hidden freckle!

this side is longer. I need to resection in order to have a clean line, so I might just let it grow out.

I've acquired a new sense of positivity lately. It's motivating me to get a better job instead of the one I now hate, and I'll be graduating with my BA in october. I've been in school for less than 2 years and my life is headed in a very exciting direction. Oh, and I'm finally making independent decisions for myself ;)

I'm going to spend the rest of the day gardening :D
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