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Hello all! My name is Kate, and I'm a new one here. I got fired out of nowhere about 4 months ago from a job that I thought was my dream job, but where all the people made me feel awful about myself and totally insecure. Literally one day later, I decided it was finally the perfect time to start my new hair journey! I backcombed my VERY short hair (it was like, 2-3 inches long), switched to non-residue bar soap, and just let it go from there. It's now about 4 months later, and my hair has grown quite a bit, and there are some dreads in there, but some parts are taking longer than others to join in all the fun! I used to be the most impatient person you'd ever know, but this process has taught me so much about patience, beauty, and loving my natural self!

These are my boyfriend's beautiful old dreadlocks, the ones that inspired me the most! They were 8 years old before he had to cut them off for a very important job that he now has. We have them in a bag and I like taking them out and hanging them all over my head every now and then!

Right after we cut his, and me wearing some of them!

The length I was workin' with, about a week or 2 before I backcombed, I think!

I don't really have any good pictures of right after I first started them, because I felt so ridiculous and funny that I guess I didn't take any pictures during that time! Here's about 1.5 months I'm thinking.

Texture shot around 2 months! This picture excited me to see right after I took it, because it was like the first time I actually saw separated, healthy-looking chunks of hair, ya know?

From a few weeks ago or so... Beads stay in for a day for decoration, and come out at night! This one is a pretty good reflection of the progress, plus the issues I've been having so far. You can see all the loose hairs towards the front and sides. But, no worries here! I'm just being patient and enjoying the process.

Annnnnnd just one last one to make you smile :) This is my puppy-mill rescue pup, Lavida! She was staring at me like this the whole time I was doing this entry, so I think she wanted in on the action! Have a beautiful day everybody!
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