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Hi everybody, I know this isn't a picture post but I really need to say this.

Yesterday, when I came back from school, I drove past this bunch of 12 year olds with my bike. I saw them looking at my dreads but I just ignored them and crossed the street. Then, all of the sudden, one of them walks up and starts screaming "Hey !! Shittylocks !!" Then the others joined him and started yelling too "Shittylocks !! Baa !! Filthy shittylocks !!" I just drove faster and faster but..... Look, I know this shouldn't affect me 'coz as a dreadhead I've gotten lots of comments (mostly negative ones) about my hair. I know that some of you in here have had those too and I've taught myself to ignore them...

But, this really hurt me :( I wish I had a little more self confidence so that I could go up to them and kick their asses or to tell them to f*ck off, but me being a wuss kinda stopped me from doing that :S

Did some of you had this kind of comments too ? If so, what did you do ?

PS.: I'm sorry if I'm wasting your time in here, I just wanted to say this to someone 'coz my friends don't understand this...

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