LaЯa (mushroomattack) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


Bit late but: Happy Newyear everyone! A new fresh year. Things change, time flies when you're having fun. My dreads are growing up. They're 19 months. Last weekend my friend maintained them. And i'm very happy with them! And that's why i want to share them with you!

My dad made this picture of me at Christmasday

These two picture i took secretly at my work. I'm a teacher at the primary school. Most of the time i wear my dreads in a ponytail.

My mom gave me a wrap! It's beautiful. She bought it for me when she was visiting Istanbul in Turkey. I'm very pleased with how it worked out.

And a emo look picture :)

My last post on GUDU in Novembre:
One year timeline:

Have a great weekend!
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