cowgoesmootwice (cowgoesmootwice) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Fill my soul with vomit, then ask me for a piece of gum

Alrighty, I don't think i've posted since June?? Maybe earlier than that? Either way it's been too long. They are now 14 months old! So some photo's that i've managed to take, although it's not a lot.

That's my buddy Gene and I at the final regular season game for the Sounders FC in November

That's the back/side of my head, i'm assuming that this was taken in July sometime.

Hat Party in November. It seems that I don't take pictures, unless i'm intoxicated. oh well, you can get an idea of what they look like.

My twin brother and myself, he refused to wear a hat.

Myself, and my buddy Chris we've known each other since elementary school!

This is my go to drunk face, and the joy of kicking ass in Foosball.

I really need to start taking more pictures of me not being drunk. Lots of new happenings in my life. I moved to Salt Lake City (anyone around here that wants to kick it?!? I don't know anyone!!!) to finish up school at the U of U. Got some hair maintenance done the day before I left by the amazing Lish who cleaned up all the loose bits, and added a new baby dread. I haven't gotten around to taken any pictures since getting that done, but i'm sure i'll get around to it... 

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