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I am looking for somebody out there who does recreational swimming with dreads. I have had mine in for about 6 months, and swim with them once or twice a day. I've noticed a few things, that I'm not sure happen with normal dreads.
First, mine kind of 'bunch up', and then get tighter. I wish I had some pictures to explain,
Second, i think the chlorine makes them tighter in some areas, and lose in others. alot of the dreads my ears are not dreading well no matter how many I combine and backcomb.
Third, and this is kind of embarassing, they smell a bit. It's not a reeking smell, but It's definately there. I blow dry my hair everytime I get out, but I had bands by the roots for about a month and took them out in December. I think it is what caused the stink...How can I get rid of it, or can I?
I know most of you either don't wash your hair, or very rarely, so I don't know if you have problems with smell due to to much water.. Any suggestions would be helpful.
And all of your dread pictures are beautiful.
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