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my dreads will be three weeks old on wednesday :)

\ hello all!

this is my first post on here although i've been lurking for a month or so now. my dreads are almost three weeks old and i love them! best hair decision ever.

i love this community. it has saved me from making several errors. i've had several people i know who either have/have had dreads tell me to put rubber bands at the bottoms, use wax, ONLY USE DR. BRONNERS AHHHH, and other terrible suggestions.  at first i used a bit of isoplus dread cream, but after reading the lovely memories i decided to go product-free. i've washed them twice, once with isoplus dread shampoo and once with dreadhead shampoo that a lovely cashier at a shop gave to me. she said it had been delivered to her house and that she had no use for it since she didn't have dreads!

I barely lost any length at all because my hair is so out of control (it was chemically relaxed, but still probably 1000x curlier than ANY caucasian person's hair). my father is jamaican & my mother is irish-scottish, and i completely inherited my dad's ridiculously kinky, afro hair instead of my mom's thick, straight, auburn, white person hair. my mom had no idea what to do with it when i was little and was kind of horrified right after i got the dreads done. i told her that they'd look awesome in a year and she said "a year is a long time to wait for a haircut to look good!!" my little brother called me sonic the hedgehog.

the girl who did my dreads had never done them before, ever. we watched a couple youtube videos about backcombing and then i gave her a metal comb and told her to go at it. her own hair is straight, brown, and less than an inch long. I have 58 dreads i believe.


sorry my bathroom mirror is so dirty. i live with 19 other college age kids so our whole house is pretty much filthy.

new head wrap :)

another from the back:

me harrassing that frank:

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